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Mind Mastery For Hitting

"My son first began using the Mind Mastery For Hitting program at the end of his junior year in high school. The season that followed was just remarkable. The change in focus and concentration made a big difference in his approach not only to hitting, but on the ball field as well. He carried this success to fall ball and was selected to play on a showcase travel team that played at all the major colleges and universities in our area. He played every weekend in front of college and pro scouts. At the end…he had eight colleges to choose from to play at the next level. During his tryout at the college he had eventually chosen, he went 3 for 3 at the plate. I can say that the Mind Mastery For Hitting program is the one key that made the difference. His hitting fundamentals were constant and remained the same. Thanks for such a great program. I would highly recommend it to anybody interested in improving their game."

North Carolina

"My son has been using your Mind Mastery For Hitting program for not quite a year and we both see a positive result. This year he made the 7th and 8th grade Junior High Baseball Team. As a 7th grader the coach presented him with the Rookie Of The Year award! I really believe that part of the success was due to your program, and he faithfully listens to the CD."

New Jersey

Mind Mastery For Pitching

"Mastering The Mental Side of Pitching is a revolutionary program for overcoming the self-doubt, nervousness and lapses of concentration that can keep a baseball pitcher from winning. I highly recommend it."

Steve Ellis
Former Pitcher - Chicago Cubs

"My biggest pitching problems have been staying back over the rubber, changing arm speed on off-speed pitches, and mentally losing focus after bloop hits, errors, walks, etc. These problems have caused inconsistency in velocity, command and composure. I have always underachieved in pitching. I found your Mind Mastery For Pitching program easy to use because it doesn't ask you to think, you just listen to the CD. It's an unbelievable thing! I used it before my last start and I couldn't believe the results. I have never felt so satisfied mentally and physically after a game."


"I just wanted you to know that the Mind Mastery For Pitching program has made a world of difference in my son’s pitching. You see, my son had a major problem with pitching - CONFIDENCE. He really did not like going on the mound and feeling responsible if he did not perform well. I bought the Mind Mastery For Pitchers when he was playing all stars this summer. He started the third game of the tournament and pitched the best game of his life. He pitched 5 innings and threw 56 pitches of which 68% were strikes. Three runs were scored in the 3rd inning, all of them unearned. What I was proudest of was he had the bases loaded with one out. Our team had committed four errors during the inning. He went to three balls, no strikes on this one batter. I yelled out "relax." He smiled at me. I could visibly see his facial expression change (for the positive). He re-focuses & throws six straight strikes to end the inning.

This program gives him something to mentally grasp - to hold on to. If he had not had this "trigger" to mentally "hold on to," I am sure he would not have come out of this game with such a great performance. Oh, by the way, we won the game 4-3 in 8 innings. I know we would have lost the game if it wasn’t for this program. More importantly, this game could have been extremely negative for my son. Now it is just the opposite. He will turn 11 this week. He now loves to pitch. We are playing fall ball and he wants to pitch all the time. It has made a world of difference in his attitude and confidence. He wants to practice pitching and listens to the audio (Becoming A Winning Pitcher) all the time. Heck, he has watched most all of the pitching instructional videos - on his own. This has never happened before."

Proud Dad

"I received the Mind Mastery For Pitching program on Friday and I wanted to share our initial experience with it. The mail came Friday morning, and my son and I looked it over at lunchtime. I explained that this was something that perhaps could help him to focus his mind on pitching and allow him to clear away the stress which he has been dealing with. My son has a lot of trouble this season with getting upset when things aren’t going will, even to the point of tears. Although he has always had a lot of desire and intensity, he had never taken things so much to heart as he has this year. He is 12 years old. My son was agreeable to trying out the program, and listened to the audio (Becoming A Winning Pitcher) on Friday afternoon, and again Friday evening. He was scheduled to pitch the third game of our Saturday tournament. He and I decided not to tell his dad that the program had been received just to see if he noticed any difference. My son’s game turned out to be the tournament championship game. He was up against a really good hitting team. He came out a little tight and was pitching from a mound for the first time this season, so he was having trouble getting his pitches down and this team was hitting him hard. In the second inning, he gave up several good hits, which were coupled with several errors to make a 5 run inning. At this point, he would normally go to pieces, at least this season.

I spoke with him a few moments, pointing out that he was pitching against a really good team. I reminded him about the trigger and encouraged him to take a few moments to prepare himself, and then go out and give it his best shot. He sat down for a few minutes, then took a deep breath as his team took the field and started pitching like he did in the past. He was eager to get the ball and ready to make each new pitch and seemed to pass that air of confidence on to the team. They didn’t win the game, and he still gave up a few more hits, including one home run, but there was just a whole new attitude about him. I asked him later, and he said, "I just got my confidence going and I was relaxed." He started making much better pitches and was getting the pop ups and grounders. He came off the field at the end and was happy with the game he pitched, instead of upset and discouraged. The bonus was his hitting for the day. He has had a tremendous amount of problem keeping his back foot planted, and I think he just would get nervous and start moving it. Saturday, he was dug in and really hitting the ball hard all day. He went 4 for 5. Anyway, his dad was so pleased at the change in his hitting, and in his attitude about his pitching. He noticed how he came out after the bad inning and "took charge." He said, "I don’t know what you did different today, but keep it up!" Then we told him about the program, and he was amazed that listening to the audio (Becoming A Winning Pitcher) just twice helped that much. So, we are looking forward to incorporating the whole program into his training, and so is he. He was happy to be able to control things on his own so much better. Thanks for your help."

Proud Mom

"My son has been using your Mind Mastery For Pitching program this past season. He was a high school senior. He's had an outstanding fall season which complimented the summer and varsity run he's had this year (Lowest team era and lowest opponent BA). On the varsity side he finished with the lowest era in his school’s history and the summer was much the same. All in all it worked out for the very best. He is on a full ride scholarship at a state university. His coach is simply outstanding, the school is top notch and the town he lives in is just wonderful. I don't think given the circumstances that it could have been any better. He sure did have an outstanding season."


Quantum Psychophysics

"I just read your HK book and am having quite cool results after a few days of working it. Thanks for the amazing technology. I'm finding it an incredible technique. This is pretty powerful stuff. I've studied NLP and hypnosis for over a decade and haven't come across anything this powerful. I've been through a tough time recently. I finished up at a job and started to pursue another career. Job hunting was proving pretty hard as the town is semi rural and I'm use to getting jobs in big cities. Anyway, I've been a bit depressed about my situation as my money began to get low. I even contemplated suicide a few times due to feelings of hopelessness. In learning the trigger I immediately got a sense of balance and happiness. A whole lot of blocks just dissolved. My social anxiety quickly transformed into confidence and a new zest for life. In fact within days my whole social life had sped up. I also got three job offers within two days of starting the trigger. I haven't even started applying it correctly yet but this afternoon I'm going to start on the goal list and can't wait to see what happens. What the trigger does is really the holy grail of the self improvement industry. A way to take complete control over how you feel and what you are doing with your life. A lot of products promise the world and deliver little and what they do deliver takes hard work. This makes change so easy it’s ridiculous."

Newcastle, Australia

"A few weeks ago I purchased your HK book. Most impressive. After working with the HK process intensely, I have experienced many "shifts". Last week I received the "Peace of Mind" CD and I want to share what my experience was: Tuesday evening I 'by intention' to clear all historic and current issues that hold me back from being my most perfect self, listened to and did the "relax" work as you presented the issues. Then promptly went to sleep. I 'slept', without dreams or any level of consciousness until Thursday morning at 8:30 AM. (apparently I did use the bathroom during that time). When I awoke I was slightly disoriented, I drank a Green Smoothie and went back to a normal sleep. When I awoke in the afternoon, I was physically in, what is my experience of a Detox state (flu like) symptoms. This morning I am clear and feel quite well, although tired. Now through all of this it never occurred to me to be frightened. In fact I feel as though all is well in my world with a great sense of peace. Thank you for being in the Universe, we need your gifts."


Mind Mastery For Golf

"Too much as happened for it to be a coincidence that things turned around soon after your Mind Mastery For Golf program arrived. The First week brought a 3rd place finish in our PGA Regional Club Professional Championship; followed 2 weeks later by a win in our local two day Pro Am. Interesting enough the change was not that obvious in my game which has always been erratic but adequate, but more in the attitude that allowed me to get more out of my game. The most obvious change was in the putting where the fear seemed to disappear. A typical example would be standing over a putt as always, but when fear would try to control my thoughts my response would be, "You can do this just relax," and the voice was gone. In the past when that would happen, I might respond the same way but the thought would push its way back in and distract me making the result hit or miss. Even worse, if I made the putt I came away more with relief and thinking I got away with something rather than with the confidence of accomplishment. That seems to have changed. I am referring anyone who will use your program and I hope they are following through."

PGA Teaching Professional, New York

"Since your Mind Mastery For Golf program arrived I have been shooting between 83 and 89, which is a considerably lower range than ever before. With our club Championship coming up I was very anxious to receive your program. It’s a three day tournament. I came close to winning it last year, but mentally self-destructed on the final round. Last week I won our club championship by 7 strokes! I unseated the player that held the championship for the past 9 years! Along with the Championship, I’d definitely say that your program has taken me to new levels of my game, and I also think to inner peace, all in three weeks!

In addition to immensely improving my golf game, I’m also a calmer, more patient person, and, as a result, a happier person. My friends have noticed this. What an added benefit! The part of the your program on the ‘Right Hemisphere’ has had such an impact on my life. Since I tend to be a ‘left hemisphere’ personality, I now pursue ‘right hemisphere’ activities to achieve the balance of using both hemispheres. I hike regularly, exercise, and have also taken the guitar up again. I actually play golf better if I play the guitar the evening or morning before I play a round of golf. Of course, this is in addition to setting my goals and listening to the CD. I cannot emphasize what an impact your program has made in my life. I’ve never felt as at peace with myself as I do now. So, thank you Ernest, and thank you and Hemispheric Kinesiology."

Amateur Player California

Mind Mastery For Coaching

"Hemispheric Kinesiology is 30 years ahead of its time."


Mind Mastery For Football

"Your football program is great.

Cam Cameron
SU Offensive Coordinator

"I bought your Mind Mastery For Football program about a month ago. I was a second string wide receiver, hoping to get into the game. Well, after the first two games, I was placed on the 1st offense and I am now a main target on most pass plays. My confidence has grown a great deal. The concept of relaxing makes a great deal of sense to me and I have a much better understanding of it by being in game situations. Your Mind Mastery For Football program has really helped me focus and concentrate. Even though our season has not been a winning one, I feel that the use of your program has helped me make a dramatic difference, when otherwise it may have turned out very differently."


Mind Mastery For Soccer

"I think your Mind Mastery For Soccer program is revolutionary."


Mind Mastery For Selling

"Anyone doubting the Mind Mastery For Selling program is making a mistake. As a car salesman I have never sold more than 15 vehicles in a month and I have been using your Mind Mastery For Selling program since the beginning of the month. Today is the 27th and I have sold 21. The second runner up salesman this month has 8."


"What can I say? I wanted all sorts of great things to happen, and they are! I’ve lost weight and am approaching my goal. I have increased my sales and find being centered and confident a condition much more easily maintained. Thank you for your help Ernest. I really appreciate it."


Sports Psychology

"I primarily work with student athletes and before I do my first session I have each student and their parents watch your Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life DVD. Your program is great."

F.K., Sports Psychologist

Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life DVD

"I really like what you presented in your DVD Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life. I am a therapist, and found it spot on. You gave great examples on how the mind works. Also, really enjoyed the Scrooge analogy. I also was touched by your emphasis on what children go through at the hands of uncaring people and wrong statements. If they would only get that one point, this will be a better world. Thanks for your dedicated work in helping others."


"I have today watched and thoroughly enjoyed your DVD ‘Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life’ The material presented on your DVD was most informative, easy to absorb & the examples offered granted further clarity. Your reference to the 'Critical Factor'(CF) provided a refreshing and somewhat different way of understanding the nature of the 'gate keeper' or CF, as you call it.

The idea of a CF influence does resonate as I have sensed a certain 'unknown' was there influencing, rather,(sabotaging) my intended processes of change. With this additional awareness I feel confident in peeling more layers away as I now have more knowledge. Thank you for sharing your wisdom."


"Your Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life DVD was amazing."



"I own a booking service for local hotels and resorts. Months prior to my HK session I was averaging 5 bookings a month. Within 30 days of my session I sold 45 bookings!"


"Since I started my professional relationship with you some time back, some amazing things have come about in my business and personal life, due to the HK sessions. After the first two sessions, I had experienced a "lightness of being." I was much more content with the things occurring in my life and much more accepting of temporary setbacks that normally occur in the day-to-day operations of a business. These changes were commented on by those people who are closest to me. This inspired me to continue the HK sessions and work on other goals. Since then I have had tremendous success. I now have companies calling me for business instead of the other way around. I truly believe the validity of HK and the principles is based upon."


"Within two weeks of my first HK session, I’d noticed that for the first time in my life I had a couple of ESP type experiences. That got my attention. A week or two later I wrote and produced the best television advertising campaign of my career. Developing my writing skills to the fullest was one of my main goals. The campaign was one of the finest and most important pieces ever written and produced at our agency. I’m amazed that many more short term and lifetime goals of mine are continuing to come to fruition. Great things have started happening since our session. Does it work? Well…I’m sure not going to quit to find out."


"I have been through years of psychological and psychiatric head-shrinking. I’ve tried everything from counseling to self-help tapes and books, but nothing has worked like Ernest Solivan’s H.K. This is truly modern-day psychology in FAST-FORWARD!!!"


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