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Golfers, both amateur and professional, will spend hours on the driving range and putting green before a round, but what do they do to mentally prepare for competition? What do they do to insure that the decisions they make on the golf course best supports them in shooting the lowest score possible? P.C.I. now offers the only complete mental training program for golf. 

The Mind Mastery For Golf program contains the DVD Change Your Thinking Change Your Life, a powerful 30 minute CD with two tracks. One titled Winning At Tournament Golf (tournament players), and on titled Improving Your Golf Game (amateur players), and an exceptional book titled When The Wheels Fly Off. Together these remarkable components will bring you to new levels and allow you to literally master the mental part of your golf game. You simply watch the DVD and read the book. Then you listen to the CD before and after each round.

We discovered through years of research that golfers, especially tournament players, have a tendency to weaken or switch off one or both hemispheres of their brains when they get into pressure situations. This switching off phenomenon will cause the a player to miss a four foot put to save par, or hit a duck hook out of bounds on his drive on the final hole of a tournament with a one stroke lead. From amateur to professional players, this amazing program will show you step-by-step how to mentally prepare for your rounds so that you are in a mental space that supports you in shooting the lowest score possible. It will also help you minimize and/or eliminate those mental errors during your rounds that adversely affects that five inch space between your ears.

Please click the Testimonials page link to learn for yourself how this and our other remarkable programs have helped other athletes.

Mind Mastery for
"Golf" Testimonials

"Too much as happened for it to be a coincidence that things turned around soon after your Mind Mastery For Golf program arrived. The First week brought a 3rd place finish in our PGA  Regional Club Professional Championship; followed 2 weeks later by a win in our local two day Pro Am. Interesting enough the change was not that obvious in my game which has always been erratic but adequate, but more in the attitude that allowed me to get more out of my game. The most obvious change was in the putting where the fear seemed to disappear."

A typical example would be standing over a putt as always, but when fear would try to control my thoughts my response would be, 'You can do this just relax,' and the voice was gone.   In the past when that would happen, I might respond the same way but the thought would push its way back in and distract me making the result hit or miss. Even worse, if I made the putt I came away more with relief and thinking I got away with something rather than with the confidence of accomplishment. That seems to have changed. I am referring anyone who will use your program and I hope they are following through."

B.H., PGA Teaching Professional
New York

"Since your Mind Mastery For Golf program arrived I have been shooting between 83 and 89, which is a considerably lower range than ever before. With our club Championship coming up I was very anxious to receive your program. It"s a three day tournament. I came close to winning it last year, but mentally self-destructed on the final round. Last week I won our club championship by 7 strokes!  I unseated the player that held the championship for the past 9 years! Along with the Championship, I'd definitely say that your program has taken me to new levels of my game, and I also think to inner peace, all in three weeks!

In addition to immensely improving my golf game, I"m also a calmer, more patient person, and, as a result, a happier person. My friends have noticed this. What an added benefit! The part of the your program on the ‘Right Hemisphere" has had such an impact on my life. Since I tend to be a ‘left hemisphere" personality, I now pursue ‘right hemisphere" activities to achieve the balance of using both hemispheres I hike regularly, exercise, and have also taken the guitar up again. I actually play golf better if I play the guitar the evening or morning before I play a round of golf. Of course, this is in addition to setting my goals and listening to the CD. I cannot emphasize what an impact your program has made in my life. I"ve never felt as at peace with myself as I do now. So, thank you Ernest, and thank you and Hemispheric Kinesiology.

J.M., Amateur Player

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