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Football players, both amateur and professional, will spend hours practicing for an upcoming game, but what do they do to mentally prepare for competition? What do they do to insure that the decisions they make on the field best supports their team in winning? P.C.I. now offers the only complete mental training program for football.

The Mind Mastery For Football program contains the DVD Change Your Thinking Change Your Life, a powerful 30 minute CD titled Winning At Football, and an exceptional book titled Mastering The Mental Side Of Football. Together these remarkable components will bring you to new levels and allow you to literally master the mental part of your game by helping you perform to the best of your ability during competition. You simply watch the DVD and read the book. Then you listen to the CD before and after each game.

We discovered through years of research that when football players are competing in a game they have a tendency to weaken or switch off one or both hemispheres of their brains when they get into pressure situations. This switching off phenomenon will cause a cornerback to leave a receiver wide open in the end zone for a touchdown, or cause a quarterback to throw into double coverage and have his pass intercepted for a pick six.  From amateur to professional players, this amazing program will show you step-by-step how to mentally prepare for game day so that you are in a mental space that supports you to play your best and help your team win the game. It will also help you minimize and/or eliminate those mental errors during the game that adversely affects your performance and the outcome of the contest.

Please click the Testimonials page link to learn for yourself how this and our other remarkable programs have helped other athletes.

Mind Mastery for
"Football" Testimonials

"Your football program is great!"

Cam Cameron
LSU Offensive Coordinator

"I bought your Mind Mastery For Football program about a month ago. I was a second string wide receiver, hoping to get into the game. Well, after the first two games, I was placed on the 1st offense and I am now a main target on most pass plays. My confidence has grown a great deal. The concept of relaxing makes a great deal of sense to me and I have a much better understanding of it by being in game situations.   Your Mind Mastery For Football program has really helped me focus and concentrate. Even though our season has not been a winning one, I feel that the use of your program has helped me make a dramatic difference, when otherwise it may have turned out very differently.” 


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