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Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life with Hemispheric Kinesiology!

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The COVID-19 pandemic has had a dramatic impact on every aspect of our lives. The loss of a loved one, unemployment, stay at home orders, wearing masks, social distancing, not going to church, businesses closing permanently and disrupting athletics events, and it has been truly unprecedented. The mental health issues that have surfaced for people worldwide having to be sequestered from friends, family, a livelihood and all the other anomalies associated with this pandemic are staggering! 44% of adults say their lives have changed in a major way because of COVID-19.

P.C.I. offers you resources in the form of HK DVD's, CD's and Books to help you deal with the anxiety and fear of the uncertainty you must be feeling for yourself and your family. We offer programs for Peace of Mind, Money, Weight Loss, Learning, Successful Selling as well as 8 programs for the mental side of athletics.

Please scroll down to view our extraordinary programs and please read our testimonial page to see how our programs have helped others. All programs sold through Amazon.com come with a full money back guarantee. I pray that you and your families stay safe during these vey trying times. Remember that adversity introduces a man to himself. Please stay resilient, and you will make through this and any other life challenges you may encounter.

Ernest Solivan, author mental health programs


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Quantum Psychophysics Kindle

Mastering The Mental Side of Tournament Golf

Mastering The Mental Side of Tennis Kindle

Mastering The Mental Side of Soccer Kindle

Mastering The Mental Side of Pitching Kindle

Mastering The Mental Side of Hitting Kindle

Mastering The Mental Side of Football Kindle

Mastering The Mental Side of Basketball Kindle

Mastering The Mental Side of Coaching

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To Know You And Not Love You Is Abnormal 

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Change Your Thinking Change Your Life (DVD)

(The Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life DVD
and the 16 HK CDs may be purchased separately.)

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