Mental Peak Performance Products For Golf, Tennis, Pitching, Hitting, Basketball, Soccer, Football, Coaching & More To Help You Reprogram Your Mind For Success Using HK

“I have missed more than 9000 shots in my career. I have lost almost 300 games.
On 26 occasions  I have been entrusted to take the game winning shot...and missed.
And I have failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why... I succeed.”

                                              Michael Jordan
                                          Chicago Bulls

Your mind is like

Athletes will spend hours working on the mechanical side of their sport and virtually no time on the mental side. Aries International Proudly presents DVDs, books and CDs specifically  designed  for the mental side of golf, tennis, pitching, hitting, basketball, soccer, football, coaching and winning. In fact, we are the only company on Planet Earth that offers a program for the mental side of coaching! Based on years of research relating to the right and left hemispheres of the brain relating to athletic performance, Aries Int'l. learned that the best way to achieve metal peak performance is to have both hemispheres of your brain "switched on" during athletic competition. The products on this website show you how to accomplish this.

Your mind is like a computer. It has stored everything you have learned since your birth. When a computer, like your mind, gets a virus it begins to malfunction. This malfunction manifests itself as struggle with athletic performance and results in uncharacteristic mental errors during crucial times during competition. Our programs show you how to eliminate or minimize your mental errors and achieve mental peak performance so that you perform your best during competition.

The DVD, CDs and books on this website will provide you with a context that allows you to objectively observe the experiences you are creating during competition, and through that objectivity help you become the best player or coach you can become. It will help you understand why you may be struggling with your athletic performance, and how to change struggle to success using HK. It is a remarkable process that allows you to re-educate your Mind so that it supports your success during competition.

Scroll down the page to view information about our Mind Mastery athletic peak performance programs which contain an extraordinary DVD titled Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life, and a powerful CD specifically relating to your sport. 

The CD that comes with each program is provided as re-inforcement to help you clear those negative and limiting beliefs hindering your athletic success. To order or view more information about the Mind Mastery programs please click a title/link below.

Athletic Mind Mastery Programs: 

Mind Mastery For Basketball
 *  Mind Mastery For Coaching
 *  Mind Mastery For Golf
 *  Mind Mastery For Hitting
 *  Mind Mastery For Pitching
 *  Mind Mastery For Soccer
 *  Mind Mastery For Tennis
 * Mind Mastery For Football
 * Mind Mastery For Winning  
Mind Mastery Non-Athletic Programs

Mind Mastery For Money
 *  Mind Mastery For Selling
 *  Mind Mastery For Learning
 *  Mind Mastery For Weight Loss
 Mind Mastery For Fear                        
 Mind Mastery For Pain
 *  Mind Mastery For Self Esteem
 * Mind Mastery For Peace of Mind

"Since your Mind Mastery For Golf program arrived I have been shooting between 83 and 89, which is a considerably lower range than ever before. With our club Championship coming up I was very anxious to receive your program. It’s a three day tournament. I came close to winning it last year, but mentally self-destructed on the final round. Last week I won our club championship by 7 strokes!

I unseated the player that held the championship for the past 9 years. Along with the Championship, I’d definitely say that your program has taken me to new levels of my game, and I also think to inner peace, all in three weeks."


The following HK athletic books are available at 
Mastering The Mental Side of Tournament Golf
                    *  Mastering The Mental Side Of Soccer             
Mastering The Mental Side Of Tennis
Mastering The Mental Side Of Hitting
Mastering The Mental Side Of Football
Mastering The Mental Side Of Pitching
Mastering The Mental Side Of Coaching
Mastering The Mental Side Of Winning
Mastering The Mental Side Of Basketball
                    *  Mastering The Mental Side Of Putting
                    *  Quantum Physophysics


Below you will find seventeen (17) Mind Mastery companion CDs on a variety of subjects that may be purchased separately. Imagine an onion. At its center is your true potential to be the best you can be. Over the years you accumulate many mental barriers preventing you from realizing your true potential. Repeated listening to these remarkable CDs allows you to peel away the layers of blockages impeding your success.

Each CD contains over 100 statements relating to the subject matter followed by a "trigger" word that allows you to neutralize those limiting beliefs and behavior patterns allowing you to experience clarity, balance and harmony so that the decisions you make in life support you in becoming more successful. The DVD explains why the CDs are so effective. To order or view more information please scoll down and click on the title/link of interest. 


                               * Winning At Basketball
                               * Becoming A Winning Coaching
                               * Winning At For Football
                               * Mind Mastery For Golf
                               * Becoming A 400 Hitter
                               * Becoming A Winning Pitcher
                               * Winning At Soccer
                               * Winning At Tennis
                               * Becoming A Winner
                               * Money, Wealth & Prosperity
                               * Becoming An "A" Student
                               * Successful Selling
                               * Peace Of Mind
                       Self Esteem
                               * Healthy Weight Loss
                               * Letting Go Of Fear
                               * Living Pain Free

"I ordered your Mind Mastery For Weight Loss program about a month ago. I am getting pretty good results listening to the CD every night and have lost 13 pounds since New Years (three weeks). I am pretty sure that listening to the CD is what helped me become serious about it on New Years instead of doing what I normally do, which is to 'diet' for a week and then say 'the bleep with it'"

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